Activities to Liven Up Your Holiday

Activities to Liven Up Your Holiday

Holidays so often consist of getting together with our loved ones, spreading the cheer, celebrating our time-honored and new traditions, and eating as much food as we can manage. Depending on how much time you’ve got together, though, you may find yourself doing a little activity hunting. Whether you’re making snow angels or taking a winter hike, you need fun ways to socialize and pass the time. Here are five fun holiday activities to consider.

Tour Your Neighborhood for Lights Displays

In recent years, it’s become an even bigger holiday tradition than it used to be. Rather than just enjoying the displays on your own block, take a tour by car around surrounding neighborhoods to see all of the lights and other decorations. You can even turn it into a game of holiday “I Spy,” or make a photo album of yourself in front of your favorite holiday displays.

Build A Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses can get fun, huge and complex, but keeping it simple is just as fun. Who doesn’t like making something fun and then destroying it with their teeth? You can find all kinds of directions online or in baking books, and if you look at old garage sales you might find yourself lucky enough to pick up a cast iron ginger bread mold with all the pieces laid out for you. Just add some frosting and candy and you’re good. You can even get premade kits to make your houses or entire gingerbread villages!

Caroling / Wassailing

We’ve talked before about the traditional drink for proper caroling, known as wassail, but it’s becoming less and less likely to see groups of people heading around neighborhoods spreading the cheer with a song. You shouldn’t expect to be welcomed in for a nice hot (maybe adult) drink these days, but bringing a few carols with you and some friends along to sing them are a nice way to stay in touch with the part of you that still loves to show everyone else a little joy.

Donate to Charity

Sure, you can and should give money to charity if you can, but just as helpful is donating your stuff or your time. Giving gently used items to a charity shop or a special holiday charity decreases waste and lightens up someone’s day. Volunteering your time to a soup kitchen or a group that adopts a family for Christmas is a way to warm your heart while also providing a valuable community service.

Make an Advent Calendar

Buying a bit of cardboard with 24 chocolates in it is fine, but why not build one this year? All you need is a container with enough doors or drawers in it, and a tiny little gift, candy or message is a fun surprise for the recipient.


Finding group activities can be difficult – we all have our own interests. Still, holidays are about compromise and helping one another out, and you can always find one or two ideas that suit most of the group.

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