Five Apps to Help Navigate the Holiday Season

Five Apps to Help Navigate the Holiday Season

You’re getting everything ready, decorating the house for the holidays, making plans and getting that last bit of several-months-late Spring cleaning taken care of before your home is filled with loved ones from far and near. Keeping your thoughts and your people organized can be difficult with all of the mayhem that seems to ensue around holiday time, so here are five helpful apps to keep you on top of everything this holiday season.

FlightAware Flight Tracker

The FlightAware Flight Tracker app helps you keep an eye on all the flights you need to in order to know who is coming in to town and when. Maybe you’re the one coordinating all the pick-ups and drop-offs, or maybe you just want to be prepared – FlightAware has everything you need to keep an eye on your traveling loved ones. It shows you the nearest flights, checks off the tracked flights that have arrived, even provides updated EPAs for the flights you’re keeping an eye on.

Shopping Apps

The Target app is just one example of the kind of shopping app you’ll need by your side as shopping becomes more and more precarious, the closer you get to the deepest part of the holiday season. Even if you’re having everything delivered, you’ll be dealing with delays and shortages and supply line problems. Having your necessary shopping apps at the ready allow you to plan ahead and set things aside you know you’ll need to get in advance.


Setting the mood for the holidays cannot be more important. Depending on when you like to get the holiday music started, the Pandora app’s holiday stations will be able to keep the Christmas jollity rolling without you having to get up and hit skip. You can rate songs so that it gets an idea of your preferences, and before long, it’ll have you and your holiday music tastes figured out.


If you don’t have your cards ready, or your personalized gifts on the way yet, the Touchnote App lets you put those things together right from your phone. Use the photos you already have – or quickly take some new ones – and make postcards and other customized items that can be shipped by the people at Touchnote right to your loved ones in time for them to open them on the right day. There are great options for people who don’t have the time to make these fun personalized items on their own.

Food Network Kitchen

You want everyone to be happy, which means you need everyone fed, and fed well. If you want to find recipes to do that, from world-renowned chefs, look no further than the Food Network Kitchen App. Food is the easiest and one of the deepest holiday traditions you can establish, so why not do it with the help of the people who show the world how to cook? In a hurry? You can also search for recipes that use the ingredients you already have!

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