Five Year-Round Holiday Decorating Ideas

Five Year-Round Holiday Decorating Ideas

Some of us are addicted to celebrating holidays. Some of us like the social aspect of gathering, some of us just like the traditions, and many of us are simply in love with decorating. If you look around, you’ll find no shortage of traditional and entirely non-traditional holidays that people celebrate to various degrees. Whether you’re looking to find a new holiday yourself, or simply looking to decorate for your favorite holidays in a fun way, here are some suggestions for decorating year-round.

The Anything Tree

Why not start with something you’ve probably already got laying around? If you decorate any of your own outdoor trees, or if you keep an artificial one, it’s not too far a leap to take down your winter holiday decorations and put up some hearts for Valentine’s Day or maybe even some other, tiny trees for Arbor Day. Whatever you choose to do, the tree is a great way to display your love for your other favorite holidays.

Window Clings

Window clings are incredibly popular for businesses, even more than the old-fashioned tradition of a good window painting. For winter and fall holidays, you can get snowflakes, animals, all kinds of reminders of the chill and the snow and the warming up you’re going to do when you get inside. Fortunately, you can get window clings for all the major holidays, and announce the coming of each season with a little flair. They are usually a removable vinyl, and sometimes they’re reusable.

Lawn/Yard Flags

You might have seen the popularity of this trend increasing, not just to announce holidays, but for seasons as well. A good lawn or yard flag is a nice welcome to anyone coming up the path to your front door or front porch, and is a great way to acknowledge the celebration of continuous change. You can also find blank yard flags, too, so you can make your own custom flags for the holidays, seasons, or even personal events like birthdays and graduations.

The Lawn Goose

Yes, it’s incredibly specific, and yes, it’s incredibly American, and very Midwestern. The Lawn Goose is a holiday decorating tradition that isn’t that old, but still remains popular throughout parts of the US. Usually they are concrete statues of a goose that are dressed in seasonal and holiday clothing to celebrate those times of year. You can get pre-fab costumes, or even head to Etsy, eBay or Facebook to find some homemade ones.

Deck the Fence

Even if you’ve got a nice white picket fence like you always dreamed of, any fence can be a little impersonal, especially if you’ve got a metal one or something that doesn’t lend itself to being painted. Fortunately, the more surfaces and spots to hang things from, the more you can decorate something, so why not string some lights and garland on the fences on your property? It’s a simple way to announce the season or the holiday and let people know there’s a little festivity waiting for them inside.

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