Must-Have Holiday Clothing Items

Must-Have Holiday Clothing Items

Whether you’re just sitting down to enjoy your company of The Christmas Poop Log, or settling in for a long winter’s nap, one of the most exciting things about the holidays is breaking in some new clothes, or breaking out some absolute classics and crowd pleasers. Ringing in the season is all a matter of getting in the right mood, and sometimes the right shirt, hat or even socks can do the trick. Here are five ideas for improving your holiday wardrobe.

Footie Pajamas

They haven’t been “just for kids” for some time now and, in fact, adult footie pajamas are very easy to find. Sometimes they come in fun holiday patterns like pine trees or snowflakes, and sometimes you can find them in the form of your favorite cartoon or pop culture characters. The most fun way to enjoy footie PJs, though, is buying them as a pair or for the whole family – a matching set of PJs can really bring a family together on a cold holiday evening.

Night Caps / Santa Hats

You will find so many Santa Hats in a quick search online that you’ll be overwhelmed. From the traditional red and white, to hats featuring sports teams, you have a glut of choice. If you search just for night caps, though, you might be able to find something a little more well-made for a nice, thoughtful gift, especially if you’re shopping for someone with no hair – they’ll love you for it.

Wearable Blankets

Who doesn’t love curling up with a loved one, enjoying some holiday snacks, or even curling up on your own to watch a holiday movie? Well, if you’re like us and you don’t really want to leave the coziness on the couch, there are so many options for huge, fluffy, warm wearable blankets like the Snuggie that you’re going to find one that suits you. Same goes for these as with footie pajamas, too – get one for everyone in the family and you’ll have a happy holiday.

Monster Slippers

Okay, they don’t just come in monster-foot-form, but there are many huge, comfy slippers to choose from. It just so happens that the classic fake fur and three plushy claws are the best of the bunch, and are another way to keep a little portable comfort going.

A Holiday Sweater

Sometimes they’re passed down, sometimes they’re from thrift stores, sometimes they’re from grandparents, but nothing says the holidays like announcing the cold with a fun sweater. They come in a variety of qualities, from knit to a print pretending to be knit, and of course you can always opt for the ironic modern classic, the ugly Christmas sweater.


Of course, not every holiday is a cold-weather holiday, and your winter is someone else’s summer. In that case, there are usually lighter versions of many of these options available. They make fun t-shirts of ugly Christmas sweaters, for example, and you can always substitute holiday socks in place of big, fuzzy slippers.

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