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Unusual Holiday Gifts They Don’t Know They Want (Yet)

It’s one thing to find the perfect gift, especially if you’re shopping for the “has everything” type. If you don’t have the time or skill to make a gift on your own, maybe it’s time to think outside the gift box a little. Go for something from just slightly out of left field, and take a look at these unusual gift ideas this holiday season.

Hatch Restore Alarm Clock

If you don’t like being shocked or deafened awake, the Hatch Restore alarm clock has some gentle, functional alternatives for getting your blood going first thing in the morning. It lights up to imitate the sunrise, slowly acclimating you to the morning. It also features a smart light, white noise machine and other options, for around $130.

Chocolate and Vanilla Baking Kit

Beyond Good sells high-quality pure dark 70 and 80 percent chocolate bars and single-origin vanilla extract and packages them together handsomely to bake that perfect chocolaty holiday treat. Everything in the package is kosher, vegan, GMO-free and gluten-free.

Pillow Cube

The pillow cube comes, as it sounds, in a cube, and their company claims to have “solved side sleeping,” offering more support for the neck and head, as well as featuring a memory foam core which regulates your temperature as you sleep.  It looks inconvenient and uncomfortable on its own, but once you see it under an actual human head, you can see why people want this little guy supporting their neck and their head.

Acrylic Chess Board

Tizo Design’s acrylic chess board features translucent pieces for one player, and smoky pieces for the other. They look both futuristic and retro-80s at the same time, and make for a conversation piece as well as a great-looking game of chess.

Public Goods Ramen

This isn’t your grocery store ramen. In fact, it costs about 10 times as much (so about $2 a pouch) but they contain no salty broth, and do contain whole ingredients. They are lower in fat than traditional ramen noodles and the ingredients are farm grown. They come in “original,” “sesame paste” and “spicy sesame oil” flavors.

Star Fruit Delivery

If you’ve ever had the good fortune to find and try a star fruit at your local grocery store, then you probably also know the feeling of wanting more of it. Perhaps you want it sent right to your home instead of finding them in the aisle. Maybe you want two and a half pounds of star fruit in your fruit bowl. Whether you’re planning an insane star-fruit themed party or you’re just in need of that slurpy juicy fruit, ExoticFruitWorld delivers (free shipping!) star fruit directly to you.


You don’t have to go super high tech or break the bank – sometimes just finding something no one else would think of does the trick. Standing out is as simple as thinking about your gift recipient and thinking “what would really throw them off, in a good way?”

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