Commonly Asked Questions

What is the tradition of Caga Tio?

The Caga Tio or Christmas Poop Log arrives on December 8 every year, the same day as the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The Children take good care of the log, feeding it every night and covering it with a blanket.

On Christmas Day, the Christmas Poop Log is traditionally placed in the fireplace (if available) and ordered to poop. In order to make the Poop Log poop, children or adults beat the log with a stick. A traditional song is sung to encourage the log to poop (see the song lyrics below).

Traditionally, before the children beat the log with sticks, they first leave the room to pray and ask the log to deliver lots of presents. Many households will forgo the prayer and have the children go to another room to warm the sticks, or outside to find the sticks. While the children are out, relatives and family members place the presents under the blanket. These presents include candies, nuts, and small toys. 

When the children hit the log, they mostly hit the log softly with the exception of when the world "Caga tio!" are sung. When Caga tio is sung, one child will put their hand under the blanket and remove a gift. Everyone waits for the child to open the gift, and then the song restarts. 

What does Caga Tio mean?

Caga Tio literally translates to Poop Log. It is often referenced as Caga Tio de Nadal or Christmas Poop log. In other traditions, it's referred to as simply Tio or TroncaCachafuòc or Soc de Nadal. It is called Tizón de Nadal or Toza in Aragon. 

Is Caga Tio real?

Yes, absolutely! We love this Catalonian Poop Log tradition, which is typically found in Spain. We're excited to bring this cherished Christmas tradition to the United States. There have been dozens of articles and videos published about this tradition.

Who celebrates Tio de Nadal?

Anyone can celebrate Caga Tio (Christmas Poop Log)! While this tradition is most popular in Spain, it is celebrated by people from all walks of life and belief systems. 

When did Caga Tio originate?

The exact timeframe of when Catalonia Christmas Log, or Christmas Poop Log originated is not known. Tradition says that the parents went outside and cut a wood log about thirty (30) centimeters long. More recently, the cheerful accessories of the wooden legs,  painted face, and wooden nose have been added for the bemusement of children.

Where did Caga Tio come from?

Caga Tio or Tio de Nadal (Christmas Poop Log) is traditionally celebrated in Catalan or Aragonese homes in Spain. It is sometimes referred to as Catalonia Christmas Log.

What does the Caga Tio eat?

Children feed the Christmas Poop Log a little bit to eat every night from it's arrival on December 8 to Christmas Day on December 25. Tradition says that the children must take good care of the log, treating it well and fattening it up so it will poop wonderful presents. The children treat it like a pet, covering it with a blanket and feeding it stale bread, fruit, nuts, cookies, turron (a Catalan candy)... anything to fatten it up! 

What does the Caga Tio poop?

The Christmas Poop Log traditionally brings smaller presents for children, such as candies, nuts, small toys, and dried out figs (depending on the region in Catalonia). The Three Wise Men traditionally bring the larger presents.

The Caga Tio brings communal, rather than individual, gifts for all to enjoy.

How do you make a Caga Tio?

You can absolutely make your very own Christmas Poop Log, if you have access to the great outdoors and a craft supply store. Or, if you would like a kit with everything you need to make your very own Christmas Poop log, we have kits available in our store.

Why should you sing a song as you whack the Caga Tio?

Traditionally, the Caga Tio song is sung while the children gently hit the log with sticks. this encourages the log to poop presents, such as candies, nuts and small toys. 

What is the Caga Tio song?

The Caga Tio (Poop Log) song lyrics go like this: 

Caga tió, (Poop log)
tió de Nadal, (Log of Christmas)
no caguis arengades (Don't poop salted herring)
que són massa salads (They are too salty)
caga torrons (Poop turróns)
que són més bons! (They are much better!)

*Another variation, or the full Catalan version, goes like this: 

Caga tió, (Poop log)

avellanes i torró, (almonds and nougats)

no caguis arengades (do not defecate herrings)

que són massa salades, (which are too salty)

caga torrons (defecate nougats)

que són més bons. (which are better)

Caga tió, (Poop log)

ametlles i torró, (almonds and nougats)

i, si no vols cagar, (and if you don't want to defecate)

et donaré un cop de bastó! (I will give you a smack!)

Caga tió! (Poop log!)

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