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The Christmas Poop Log Hardback Story Book

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The Christmas Poop Log by Jonathan Chastek

Traditional Storybook:

The included storybook features 30 pages of fun, child-friendly, and engaging visuals to get you in the spirit of Christmas. This book stems from an over 400-year-old story that emerged in the Catalonia region of Spain, helping families across the world embrace this unique age-old tradition. 


The Poop Log's History:

This unique practice was an original roughed up log found outside and altered for children to feed and beat. In fact, the strange name comes from the command sung during beating the log, urging it to "Poop, log!" After Christmas, Catalans would burn and recycle the log's ashes to help crops grow. 

While walking with my mother, one day, we happened upon a fallen log. I was surprised when my mother explained, "There is a poop log." Her words triggered unpleasant thoughts; I was thinking what does she mean? Mother related a family tradition of how poop logs appear at Christmas. They are placed in the home and attended to with comfort and love. She explained Santa's magic dust made them. As Christmas day approaches, will I find that I have received treats from our poop log? Or is the legend a figment of my mother's imagination?

Parents and children will receive a fascinating educational experience that revolves around a Catalan Christmas Tradition. Its origins date back to the 18th century and are enjoyed to this day by many families. This story will be one that will delight both young and old.


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