While walking with my mother, one day, we happened upon a fallen log. I was surprised when my mother explained, "There is a poop log." Her words triggered unpleasant thoughts; I was thinking what does she mean? 

Mother related a family tradition of how poop logs appear at Christmas. They are placed in the home and attended to with comfort and love. She explained Santa's magic dust made them. 

As Christmas day approaches, will I find that I have received treats from our poop log? Or is the legend a figment of my mother's imagination?

Parents and children will receive a fascinating educational experience that revolves around a Catalan Christmas Tradition. Its origins date back to the 18th century and are enjoyed to this day by many families. This story will be one that will delight both young and old.


The practice of the poop log or Caga Tió comes from ancient Spain, especially Catalan regions: the original log was a rough and ready one, found outside and adapted for the children to feed and beat. 

In recent decades, decorating the log has become quite common, and you can even buy ready to use Caga Tiós at markets and shops in Spain. After Christmas, the log would be burned, and its ashes recycled to help the crops grow, just like animal manure was approved of as fertilizer for the crops! 

The name probably comes from the sung command, during the beating, when the log is urged to ‘Poop, log!’


Jonathan Chastek is a man of many parts: entrepreneur, candy and toy seller while still a child and teenager, merchant marine, logistician and railroad man. And not content with all of that, Jonathan is now also a writer, having penned this book to bring joy, enlightenment and new concepts to his readers, hoping to share with them the joy he feels whenever he discovers something new, interesting or even slightly weird on his travels about the world. 

The inspiration for this story came from a 2019 visit to Catalonia in Spain, where Jonathan heard of the Poop Log that was a feature of Christmases in the region – a well-loved and ancient feature of Christmases in the region! Ignoring the tourist traps, Jonathan headed off in search of more information – and in this charming and delightful illustrated book, he is now sharing that information with his readers.

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