Customizable Gifts That Show You Care

Customizable Gifts That Show You Care

The best gifts are always nice reminders of what someone else means to you. Maybe it’s a copy of a movie they remember, or a book you think they’d love, or a couple dozen cookies that you know are their absolute favorite. Sometimes, it’s a little something to remind them of your relationship and make them feel special, fully-customized with a photo or a name or a likeness. Here are some fun items that you can customize to your (and their) heart’s content.

Photo Blankets

Staying warm has never been so fun. There are many companies, now, who let you upload your photos to their website, pick a layout, and print out your photos on warm microfiber blankets. You can make a blanket featuring all of your favorite people together, or make individual blankets with whatever family and friend photos you want them to see as they get cozy.


The “don’t catch me till I’ve had my coffee” crowd usually can’t get enough coffee mugs, and everyone likes being able to say “that’s my mug” and not feel weird about it. Especially if it’s got your face on it, there’s no doubt whose coffee is whose.


Do some quick searching and you’ll find several companies who will put the face of a loved human or pet as a pattern on a pair of fun, stretchy socks. There’s no more fun way to liven up an outfit with a pop of color that also happens to have someone special’s face on it.

Crystal Portrait

You’ve seen them at mall kiosks forever, but the detail and resolution gets better all the time. A series of laser-engraved dots create a perfect 3D rendition of your loved one in a sturdy crystal medium. Also perfect if you want to give your friends and family customized “awards.”

Action Figures

3D printing has come a long way in only a few years and, while you can do a lot of things at home, you might want to call the professionals when it comes to taking photos of your loved one and turning them into a 3D action figure of them, complete with their everyday outfit, or even a superhero alter-ego.

OREO Cookies

Candies and snacks have been in the customization game for some time now, but OREO’s canvas is bigger than most. Not only can you choose a filling, a dip, color of sprinkles, and custom text, but now you can upload a photo and have it printed right onto the chocolate. Perfect for the friend or family member whose face you just want to eat right up anyway.


Sure, it’s not likely that someone you care about is going to forget who you are, but why not give them a little reminder of that special day or that special moment, that special time in both your lives? Whether a photo, a quote, or a piece of art from you, customizing a gift is always a thoughtful option.

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