Find Unusual Christmas Gifts that Everyone will Remember

Find Unusual Christmas Gifts that Everyone will Remember

Unusual Christmas gifts, along with handmade gifts, are the best kind of gifts to give. If you want it to stand out, want it to be remembered, make it a little weird. Whether it’s something you intend for the person to keep forever, or to have it passed around from person to person each year, finding something unique for a Christmas gift isn’t that difficult. You just have to know where to look.

Customized and Personal Gifts

  • Neon Sign: There are companies and artisans who will make neon signs (or LED signs that look the part) with the name of someone you love, or even a phrase that reminds you of them
  • Multiple name necklace: This is like your typical friendship necklace, only it’s got the name of everyone in your friend group, or your family on it, to feel like they’re always with you
  • Long Distance Friendship Lamp: This lamp connects to the internet, and the other lamp (at your friend’s or loved one’s house) also connects. When either of you touches a lamp, it activates the other’s lamp, just so they know you’re thinking about them, or so you know they’ve got you on their mind


  • Bluetooth beanie: A convenient way to stay warm and listen to music or podcasts, or even take calls, Bluetooth beanies are not only handy but reasonably priced
  • Bluetooth warming gloves: These are a little on the pricy side, but they charge up using USB and then you activate them when you’re in cold weather, and built-in heating units keep your hands warm while you’re shoveling snow or just walking
  • LED Flashlight Gloves: These gloves would be pretty popular at a rave, but they’re even better for personal safety, or helping you find your way around in the dark. They’re also pretty handy for doing repairs in small, dark spaces


  • Kabob grilling baskets: Why just skewer your food before you grill it? Use a kabob basket and don’t risk losing some delicious piece of food to a sloppy skewering job
  • Make your own hot sauce kit: If you’d like to see how you’d fare when eating some of the hottest sauces on the planet, or if you’d like to work your way up to spice champion, make your own and take hot sauce at your own pace
  • Bacon Candy Canes: Are they sweet? Sort of. Are they salty? Not exactly? Are they bacony? It seems like it, but regardless, these are bound to either thrill someone, throw them off, or turn them away from candy canes forever
  • Shiitake mushroom log kit: What can we say? We love a log-themed gift. Here you get a kit with a log on which to grow your own mushrooms!


Whether you’re feeding someone, making their lives a little easier (or weirder) with some new tech, or simply letting them know you’re always thinking about them, there’s no better way to stand out than to give them something just a little off-kilter.

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