Finding Your Own Holiday Traditions

Finding Your Own Holiday Traditions

Maybe we’re a little biased, but we love new, unusual holiday traditions. Unusual, of course, in the sense that someone has probably never heard of it before. There’s nothing like the look on someone’s face when they’ve had their mind utterly blown by something you’ve been doing for years to celebrate your family and loved ones. It doesn’t matter how kooky it is, or cheesy it feels – the joy of the holidays is all about expressing the stuff we sometimes keep in, including gratitude and heartfelt glee. Here are some fun ways to try and find that new tradition.

Find a Song

The best traditions come naturally, so some of these will be fun to think on for a while. You don’t have to have a song at the ready, but think about one that means something to you and your loved ones. Maybe you already have one that you instinctively turn to each year, and if you play that song loud and clear and let everyone join in the singalong, maybe this becomes your group’s new song tradition!

Make Some Food

Sure, there’s holiday dinners, there’s cookies and other desserts – but what’s that one thing that just sings holidays to you. Maybe it’s something you wouldn’t dare eat any other time of the year. Maybe it’s a dish that reflects your background and doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Whatever it is, making it special for the holidays and treating it as a centerpiece dish and making a moment of serving and eating it can help solidify it as a holiday tradition.

Christmas Outfits

It’s not just about everyone finding ugly Christmas sweaters anymore (unless that’s your thing – then go for it!) but maybe you do matching pajamas like some families. Or maybe you break out some traditional clothing that reminds you of the holidays. Maybe you make t-shirts for everyone each year with a family slogan on it – something fun is always a good option. Whatever it is, find something everyone is comfortable wearing and personalize it, if possible.

Homemade Gifts

It isn’t always easy getting gifts, especially for everyone. Making them can be less expensive, more fun, and if you get everyone in on the action, then everyone gets something made from the heart. It can be toys, cards, coupon books, drawings, sculptures – it doesn’t matter. Holiday gifts are all about what comes from the heart, and there’s nothing more heartfelt and memorable than something that comes straight from the brain and hands of a loved one.


Whether it’s food or clothing or just sitting around and listening to the same song a few times in a row, new holiday traditions are all about how you express your gratitude for being with someone, or having them in your life. Many of us love a big holiday gathering, but since everyone can’t do that, holiday traditions that last should also be something you can do on your own, to remind you of everyone you love.

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