Five Products for Storing Your Holiday Decorations

Five Products for Storing Your Holiday Decorations

It’s that time again – probably. Time to pack up the holiday decorations until next year – as soon as you’re ready, that is. Maybe you’re tired of putting stuff away in the same old flimsy boxes that are slowly falling apart, and maybe you’ll even get to it before March. Whether you prefer to go big on your interior decorations, or whether you’re more of a Clark Griswold type and go for the exterior show, here are some great suggestions for putting your decorations away with the respect, care and protection they deserve.

The Wreath Box

Wreaths are a thing of beauty and are, by nature, quite fragile. If you’ve got one you bring out every year, or if you’ve just made one that you want to keep in good shape, you’d do best not to shove it in a box where it’s going to get wrecked, no matter how careful you are. Wreath boxes are designed to be hard-sided, and curved to protect the shape and integrity of your favorite wreaths.

The Segmented Ornament Box

Ornaments stuffed in paper and shoved next to one another are an accident waiting to happen. We all have ornaments of varying shapes, sizes and fragility, so getting a segmented ornament box is the way to go. Every ornament has a dedicated box inside the larger box, to prevent them from knocking against others and breaking. This way, you can go crazy on the tissue paper and have a better chance of taking it out in one piece next year.

The Inflatables Bag

If you’ve got a growing front lawn menagerie of holiday cheer, shoving it back in its original box could work, but it may also not be holding up well. A good inflatables storage bag is perfect because you can usually shove a few in there. Always be sure to spray down and let your inflatables fully dry before storing them away, though.

Under-the-Bed Ornament Storage

If you’re low on storage, the bed might be the best place for keeping your ornaments. These boxes are segmented, too, allowing for maximum protection of each ornament, while also utilizing all of your best storage space. You can usually fit four to six of these (or more) under a normal sized adult Queen or Full Size bed.

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage

While many of us prefer the Christmas tradition of a natural Christmas tree each year, for some people that just isn’t practical. Maybe it’s the yearly cost, or the fact that putting a real tree in a rental can potentially cause some future problems, especially if there’s sap everywhere – maybe you’re just now allowed a real one where you rent. Either way, it’s now very easy to find yourself a good artificial tree bag or box to keep it free of dust, bugs and whatnot. Of course, if you have the original box it came in – and are able to fit it back in there – no reason not to use that.

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