Fun Holidays to Celebrate in the Spring

Fun Holidays to Celebrate in the Spring

Whether you’re planning to travel for spring break, or stay at home, what you might not be prepared for is finding people all over the world celebrating something else than a little time off after the spring equinox. In fact, you can probably find some obscure holiday for every single day during spring, but you’ll probably want to just find a few that suit you and your loved ones for celebrations. It never hurts to find a new day as an excuse to decorate. Here are five spring holidays you can celebrate, right around the corner.

National Siblings Day (April 10)

Celebrating our loved ones is what holidays and holiday traditions are all about. You may not even have a traditional sibling, but that doesn’t stop celebrants from finding their spiritual sisters and brothers and reaching out. Traditionally, this is a fun way to celebrate our siblings and all they do for us. Social media has really expanded the way people celebrate Siblings Day (and made even more aware it even exists), including posting photos flashing back to childhood as siblings, or recreating those photos.

Holi (March, Date Varies)

A two-day festival that symbolizes good winning out over evil? Sounds like a reason to celebrate. The festival originates in India, though it has spread in popularity beyond this. It is known as the festival of colors, and celebrating it includes throwing colorful powders in the air and dancing. It is intended to celebrate the beginning of a healthy season of harvest, and is well known for the beautiful visuals associated with it.

Earth Day (April 22)

Giving back to the planet is not always easy, when so many of our daily activities harm it directly or indirectly. Earth Day is designed to make us think about our impact on the planet and what we can do to reduce our negative impact. It is a great excuse to teach kids about the earth in a fun way with games and nature hikes. Many local governments and schools participate in Earth Day to help teach the kids and the adults in the neighborhood what they can do to keep Earth healthy.

Teacher Appreciation Day (May 4)

The most underpaid and underappreciated members of our society deserve a month or two, but this May fourth, show some love to the teachers in your life. This can be a card or some candy or flowers, but the real help? Fulfilling their wish list for their class. Almost all teachers in the US have to buy supplies for their students because school districts won’t pay for them. If you can afford pencils, pens and papers, there are a number of families who can’t, and teachers make up the difference – help teachers make the difference this year.

Take Your Child to Work Day (April, Date Varies)

Many kids are hands-on and visual learners, and what better way to teach them about your work than to bring them with you? It’s not always easy to make your job seem fun, but most kids are simply excited to not be in school and be in some place new. Show them around, let them help, and teach them a few skills in the process.

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