Fun Ideas to Engage Your Family with the Poop Log

Fun Ideas to Engage Your Family with the Poop Log

If you’re lucky enough to know the joy of the Christmas Poop Log, you’re already aware how much fun it can be to enjoy with your friends and family. The Log might be a fun new holiday tradition, but like so many great traditions, they can always adapt with the times. Here are a few other new ways to have fun with your Christmas Poop Log.

Make it a Competition

Remember the joy of the Easter Egg Hunt? A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, especially when hunting for eggs. Well, why not try something similar with the Christmas Poop Log? Get one for each child, and have them compete in feeding the Poop Log and putting it to bed each night. You can decide how many treats they get for their treatment of the log and, if you want, it’s easy enough to make sure the nights balance out.

Treat it Like A Pet

The Poop Log is fun, of course, but since you’re already feeding it, and already dealing with its “waste,” why not treat the poop log like it’s the family pet? You can build discipline through habits like feeding the poop log every day – you can even make sure they give them water. This could be treated as a low-risk testing ground for one day having a puppy or another animal. Teach your kids to make the feeding decisions and after they eat the candy, just make sure they don’t get confused on how they should clean up after an animal.

Decorate the Poop Log

Why only decorate your house or your tree? After all, the poop log is probably your Christmas tree’s distant cousin, so finding decorations for it will brighten up the room and make the Log happy. You can even use a different blanket every few days, the Log can have its own set of lights, and maybe it can have a place of pride right next to the tree so they’ve each got a friend. Customizing your Christmas Poop Log can be fun and easy, and another way to spend time with your family.

Make Your Own Kind of Music

Sure, there’s the traditional song that you sing when you hit the log, but you can certainly find a way to make it your own by integrating your own favorite Christmas songs. If you don’t have a Christmas song that you want to add the word “poop” into, maybe craft your own! Writing a song with your children is a fun way to bond and a great way to establish a part of the Christmas Poop Log tradition they won’t forget!

Above All, Enjoy the Poop Log

However you engage with the Christmas Poop Log, it’s there to bring you candy and joy. He doesn’t sit in judgment, he just waits for some food, a blanket, and a good smack or two. Find a way to bring your family together over this very fun Christmas traidition.

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