Group Gifts for the Holidays

Group Gifts for the Holidays

Sometimes, you’ve got a lot of people to get thoughtful gifts for and you’re fresh out of ideas. Maybe you don’t know the group so well, just yet, but you’re hoping to make a good impression. A fun way to take care of all those gifts at once is to give them something to talk about – the same gift, but with a little something personal for each person. Maybe it’s simple personalization, like a name, or a nice message to tell them how much they mean to you. Here are five group gifts you can try out this holiday season.

Escape Rooms

Let’s see how well that group works and plays together at the same time by giving them something fun. An escape room can be a great time for everyone to figure out fun clues to get out of the room they’re “trapped” in before the time is up. There are usually plenty of themes to choose from, and you can mix and match folks based on the room they’d rather try out, or everyone can do the same room together. At the end, have custom shirts ready to commemorate the day.

Gift Cards with a Twist

Gifts card can seem impersonal, but if you do them right, they can absolutely hit the spot. First, try and figure out what place they love shopping at the most and make your card for that place, and secondly, put the card inside something that represents that place. Maybe it’s a Starbucks card in a Frappuccino cup filled with candy, or a Target card inside a little toy shopping card filled with treats. A little something to make it obvious you put thought into it can be a lot of fun.

Personal Winter-Proofing

Putting together a nice pocket pack for your friends and family during the winter months is a fun way to show you care, and it doesn’t even cost much. Simply get some bulk lip balms, hand lotions and travel tissue packs, and maybe even some pocket/hand warmers, and package them with whatever ribbons and bows you want inside a nice gift bag.

Notebooks and Pens

Whether you’re dealing with creative types, or people who just need to keep a manual to-do list, customized notebooks and sketchbooks are something people are going to keep at their desk or in their pocket. Something useful will always be something people look fondly on. There are even reasonably-priced notebooks that can connect your phone to the cloud for the kind of people who need their stuff digitally and on paper.

Make Ornaments Together

There’s nothing more personal than making gifts, but making them together lets everyone in on the fun. The most fun gift to make together, of course, is a simple decoration. Bulk baubles or wooden ornaments are easy to get at craft stores, along with paint and brushes. You can have every person make their own, or draw from a hat and everyone make someone else’s Christmas tree ornament.

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