Holiday Candies You Can Make at Home

Holiday Candies You Can Make at Home

Before and after sitting down to a nice holiday dinner, and once seconds, thirds and desserts have been had, people are going to graze. Everyone snacks a little before, and plenty after. It’s easy to go to the grocery store and grab yourself the basic candies, drop them in a bowl, and everyone will be satisfied. For that extra homemade touch, though, consider making one of the candies yourself – everyone will be surprised that you found something no one else has this season. Here are five holiday candies you can make at home.

Cashew Brittle

Peanut brittle is fine, but if you want a fatty, salty, rich alternative, you should try making some cashew brittle this holiday season. The brittle part is, as it says, quite brittle and crunchy, but it contrasts beautifully with the sometimes almost soft, smooth cashews that make this taste extra decadent.

Toffee Bark

If you like peppermint bark, you’re the one going home with the tin. If you want an alternative (which won’t probably fit in the The Christmas Poop Log), though, making some toffee bark will bring a rich, warm sweetness to your holiday buffet. Toffee bark is also a great combination with any number of classic holiday hot drinks like hot chocolate, coffee with mint, or even mulled wine.


Fudge is a classic sweet treat to fill people up more than they anticipated. Making your own fudge at home, fortunately, is incredibly easy to do. It takes a little time and some finesse, but for the most part it’s a lot of waiting. Always give it a taste and texture test once it has cooled properly, and decorate it with whatever frosting or other toppings or candies you wish.

Peanut Butter Cups

Store-bought peanut butter cups are most definitely crowd pleasers, but homemade peanut butter cups are the kinds of candies that make you a legend. If you get the right mix of sweet in the peanut butter and use quality chocolate (it’s hard to beat dark chocolate on peanut butter), these peanut butter cups won’t last more than five minutes.

Cotton Candy

Making your own cotton candy at home does take a cotton candy machine, but it is most definitely worth the investment. You can flavor cotton candy with just about anything, and it is perfect later on in the year for outdoor celebrations like picnics and barbecues. Making cotton candy with a machine is relatively easy to learn, and a little sugar goes a long way.


Learning to get candy just right can take a little practice, especially since sugar burns easily. You might find yourself with caramel, but unless you take the heat off at the right moment, it’s no longer caramel. Find some flavors you know you and your loved ones will enjoy, and try your own take on some of these recipes. You can substitute your own favorite nuts in the brittle, and you can decorate fudge however you like.

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