Holiday Snacks for that Perfect Holiday Meal

Holiday Snacks for that Perfect Holiday Meal


Holiday parties bring together those we care about in the same space, for the same purpose – mainly, to spend some time together and remind ourselves of the love we’re lucky to have in our lives. The second reason we gather, though, is the food. Who doesn’t love delicious holiday meals and drinks? They flavor the rest of the season, and we all want to get it just right. On top of meals and drinks, though, it’s the snacks that make all the difference. Here are five delicious bites that are bound to make your holiday party perfect.


Baked Apple Brie

This self-contained treat is misleadingly simple on the outside. It might look like a simple bread bowl on the outside, but once you cut it open, it is filled with apples and French brie cheese, perfect for eating with the croissant shell (typically this is made with canned croissant dough) or with crackers and apple slices served on the side. The recipe also includes brown sugar and an egg.

Candy Cane Fudge

Fudge is a classic holiday snack, and peppermint is the perfect complement to the texture of a nice holiday snack. Candy cane fudge is a great addition to any holiday spread, with a few simple ingredients – condensed milk, white chocolate chips, crushed candy canes and a little peppermint extract make this a treat for anyone who loves the flavor but doesn’t want to crunch into peppermint bark.

Frosting-Wrapped Present Brownies

Get your guests in the mood for opening gifts with a little snack that reminds them of the holidays instantly with these brownies. You use simple brownie mix and a few other additions and ice them creatively to give the appearance of little individual gift brownies. They’re perfect for portioning out and for setting the vibe for your holiday party.

Pull-Apart Muffins

Nothing says the holidays like a little cinnamon and sugar, and these muffins couldn’t be easier to make. Using some basic refrigerated dough, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg, you’ll have a snack everyone is talking about, even if it is a little messy (trust us, it’s worth it).

Cranberry Brie Snacks

This combination of brie, puff pastry and that holiday staple, cranberry sauce, are sure to delight taste buds with the sweet and tart of the cranberries, along with the fat and smoothness of the brie. They make for small, light bites that are difficult to resist, but easy to portion out and spread around the holiday party.


One simple little flavor combination can make the whole difference in your holiday spread. Find a few flavors that cover the bases, and any dietary needs your guests might have. It’s always good to check with who is coming, so that you can make any necessary additions or subtractions to your menu depending on what they can and cannot eat. Always be sure to stress a little savory, a little sweet, and find that one stand out snack that combines both.

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