Fun Interior Holiday Decorating Ideas

Fun Interior Holiday Decorating Ideas

Decorating your house for the holidays is one of the great holiday traditions to share with your loved ones. Some people like to do their tree together as a family, with a new decoration added each year. You can spread the love all over the house, whether you’re using nostalgic pieces from holidays past or that new Santa cookie jar you just got on discount. It’s all about putting little reminders throughout your space to get you – and keep you – in the holiday mood. Here are some other seasonal mood enhancers that only take a few tacks or tape to hold up.

Garland Doorways & Bannisters

Garland can be inexpensive, and putting it up is easy, since the fake tree-branch kind bends and can fit just about anywhere. You can use regular tree garlands in doorways and windows too, of course, but it’s fun to mix any extras you have with green, tree-branch garland to add that feeling that there’s a little Christmas tree in every room. Putting garland in doorways is perfect, because you can decorate for each room that the doorways go to, and you can hang – if you like – some mistletoe, here or there (but use the fake stuff if you have pets!).

Mementos & Gifts

As a reminder to yourself and to any visitors you might have during the holidays, any gifts you’ve gotten in the past that don’t make their way out all that often can make for great decorations. You might find a way to emphasize a pile of books as decorations (with a little electric candle on top), or even use fun tchotchkes as ornaments, hanging from the tree or decorating your mantle or windowsills.

Edible Decorations

You remember the old popcorn and cranberry garland? Or maybe you had your own regional variation of something you could hang up and, eventually, eat before it gets too stale. Either way, there are a number of ways you can add a little taste to the decorations that you can actually taste – probably after the big day. There’s the old technique of making inedible salt cookies that won’t get gross and hanging those up, but if you find some good-looking pre-wrapped cookies with preservatives, they can hang up just fine. Also, you can go simple and just hang up candy canes everywhere, though you will be finding those until the following holiday.

Go a Little Wreath Crazy

Any door can use a wreath. Seriously! Whether you’re buying a brand-new wreath, or using dollar store wreath forms to make your own with sticks or bendable garland, there’s no better way to add a holiday flair to your room than a wreath. The best part is, you can decorate them on theme, and can put just about anything on them. Some people like nature, such as toy birds and leaves and pinecones, and some people like a shiny, toy-filled wreath for the kids (or the kid at heart), and then there’s the simple fake holly and a big bow.

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